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This event has been made possible through the support of our generous sponsors.  We thank them for believing in the event.  If you'd like to help in this movement to encourage sober driving by donation or sponsorship, please read below for more information. 

Deutscher Family Memorial 

July 6, 2012 will be remembered as a day many lives were changed forever, from highest of highs to lowest of lows.  It was an evening that Aaron, Allison, Brielle and unborn baby Deutscher were traveling to Bismarck for a family reunion. On their way to Bismarck, they were all tragically killed by a drunk driver. It was an accident that not only broke the hearts of family and friends, it shook the communities statewide.  

This young and vibrant family had only recently begun their lives together. Aaron and Allison were married July 25, 2009.They looked forward to starting a family and on January 21, 2011 Brielle Faith was born. It wasn’t long before they wanted to expand their family even more. They were expecting baby Deutscher to be born in December 2012. While family was the main priority in their lives, being healthy and active was also important to them. Both were avid sports enthusiasts. Allison enjoyed playing softball and running half marathons. Aaron enjoyed playing softball and soccer. Even Brielle got in on the action as Aaron had been teaching her how to kick a soccer ball.  

People who didn’t personally know the Deutscher family may only think of them as victims of a drunk driver. Family and friends of the Deutscher’s want people to remember the family as more than victims. They were a young, loving, giving and active family. We want them to be remembered for the many accomplishments they had, the lives they touched and their positive influence on society.  

On April 20th, in an effort to accomplish this goal and bring something positive out of this tragedy, we are conducting the 6th Run4Change: a change in society's attitudes about drinking and driving. The Run4Change will feature a 10K, 5K & 1K with all proceeds going to organizations that promote awareness of and the deterring of drinking and driving in North Dakota.  We plan to create an up-beat atmosphere with live music and kid's activities so whole families can participate and come together as a community. 




Event Sponsor - $1000 + 
Participating Sponsor - $500-$999 
Donor Sponsor - $100 - $499 

All sponsorships will include your logo on all or some of our promos; including website, Facebook page, media advertising, t-shirts and event signage. Deadline for this inclusion is March 31, however we will continue to accept donations up to event date.  Your support is greatly appreciated!  Help us make this event successful; a day to memorialize those we’ve lost, heal our wounds and change society’s attitude.  

Together Let Us Run4Change



If you would like to be a sponsor of this event, please contact Shelly Larson at 701-866-3628. 

Donations in any size can be mailed to:

Run4Change Sponsorship
120 Galchutt Street
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